Monday, December 31, 2012

Greysons One Month

Just catching up!  I can't believe how fast my baby turned one month old!  I also cant believe how much you can love such a small little person!  And I also can't believe how someone so small can make so much noise, have so much stuff and completely change everything you know about life so completely!

At one month old, Greyson has/can...

  • Started to gaze at things a little further away from him.  Especially lights
  • Looks like hes almost smiling!  It'll happen soon!
  • Has been to church once.  It was a little too much.  Mommy had to go home early with a screaming baby
  • Has discovered that he loves to be rocked by daddy
  • Has peed and pood on both mommy and daddy.  Though his favorite was when daddy was rocking him and his diaper didnt do his job causing daddy to jump up in shock... what a fun ride!
  • Peed in his own face
  • Stopped his super high pitched screech and started to cry a bit more like a regular baby sound
  • Put up with mommy taking lots and lots of pictures!

New Years Resolutions

Well, its the last day of the year.  I have to say that 2012 has been pretty action packed and memorable!  It really has been an amazing year!  In 2012 we...
  • Found out we were pregnant on Feb 14
  • Rob got a job with the TSA which seemed like a great opportunity
  • Rob got a job in Vegas doing water treatment
  • I loved every minute of my time working with the Four Seasons in Westlake Village
  • I worked with some great private clients
  • We were able to get someone to take over our lease in California
  • We moved to Las Vegas
  • Made lots of friends here
  • Robs job spoiled us with company dinners and get-togethers.  They really treat us like family.  Its a great company!
  • We welcomed Greyson Robert into our lives with a quick and easy labor!
  • We were able to have so many friends and family visit with us and Greyson
We know how blessed we have been and want to thank every person that has helped us in any way over the past year.  We realize we have so many angels in our lives, both a friends and family, and watching over us!

Over the next year I hope to...
  • Post a blog at least once a month...(see top
  • Cut out dairy for a few weeks and see if that helps Greysons gas and spit up
  • Try a 10 day juicing fast (must buy a juicer unless someone wants to lend me theirs...)
  • Run a 5k and a 10k
  • Take a cooking class or two at Le Cordon Bleu to hone my cooking skills and learn more
  • Learn more about photography with a workshop or class
  • Take off the rest of my baby weight
  • Buy a house
  • Turn it into a home
  • Go to Canada
  • Complain less
Ok, I figure that's a good enough resolution list.  Its actually pretty long, which increases my likelihood of failing and disappointing myself, but you gotta shoot for the moon if you want to reach the stars... That saying never made sense to me, by the way... the stars are further away than the moon...*SMH*

Have a happy and healthy new year everyone!  Please stay safe and smart, I love you all too much to lose any of you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Birth Story!

Welcome to the world, Greyson Robert!  Born on October 18, 2012, weighing 7 lbs and 19 inches!  I seriously still cannot believe he's finally here and that he's all mine!  I mean, I guess I gotta share him with his dad too, but they actually let us take him home like it was no big deal!  Here is Greysons birth story!  It's really not too long!

On October 17th, I woke up to my bloody show, which gave me this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, cause I know that means labor is coming soon!  I went to my doctors appt, which I already had scheduled, and he said I was at 2 cm, and my cervix was softening, so he guessed I'd deliver within 5 days.  I went grocery shopping for the week, and went home.  I was feeling tired, so I laid down for a bit, and then got up to start dinner.  I was in the kitchen in front of the stove when I felt a POP-GUSH, and just like that, my water broke.  I was a bit in shock before I sprang into action to avoid having  big puddle in the kitchen to clean up.  My jeans absorbed everything before I was able to jump in the shower and change.  I called my doula but told her I'd wait and see if contractions would start soon before I'd head to the hospital.  Rob said he would be home soon when I called him.  This was 6:30pm.  Within 30 minutes, my contractions started.  Not too bad at first, but after the first 3 contractions, they were 4-5 minutes apart and killing me!

Rob got home, we grabbed my stuff and headed to the hospital.  In L&D they checked and I was at 3cm and they got me a room.  My doula got there and tried to help me breathe through the pain, which helped some, but I was seriously climbing the walls.  I don't even remember anything but blinding pain, which she said was cause there was no more water in there cushioning the blows.  After every contraction, I felt drained, I was soaked in sweat, and could barely move.  And then another would come 2-3 minutes later.  I felt like I was not getting any time to rest in between.  At that point, I asked for an epidural, which actually was able to get in there really fast.  Really, like one contraction later, he was there.  I was at 4 1/2cm at that point.  Hallelujah, praise God, that epidural was amazing.  I could feel when I was having a contraction, but without the pain!  I could feel my toes and move my legs too, so I felt like it was the perfect dosage for me!  No bad side effects, thank goodness.  Labor sped on, before too long I was at an 8cm, and about an hour later 91/2cm.  30 minutes later I was 10cm, they called the Dr, and he said to start pushing and call him when they became productive.  After only a few pushes, they told me to stop cause apparently I was doing really good at pushing.  They called the Dr. again, and he was there 10 minutes later.  I felt calm and collected during everything, I had Rob on one side and my doula on the other.  At 1:29am, Greyson was born!  After only 6 1/2 hours of mostly enjoyable labor.  He came out peeing (all over me, thanks to my humorous doctor) and with a very healthy set of lungs!  Really, he was a loud loud baby according to...well, everyone in the room.  He was born with a full head of dirty blond hair, and if I hadn't been there for everything, I might not have believed he belonged to me!  That kid is all daddy!

I did have a second degree tear, which sucked during the healing, and I did bleed a little more than they liked right after, but all in all, everything was perfect.  And I highly recommend having the "magic hour" right after.  I really felt connected to little Grey during that!  I love my forever family so much!




Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maternity photos and baby stuff

I had my maternity photos taken by a friend of mine.  Lora Knight, @  She just opened up a studio and is great! I'm really happy with how they turned out, I just wish Rob could have been there for some photos too!  I'm feeling a little weird with the idea of printing something up of just me to hang on the wall.  Maybe I can incorporate one or two into a collage of the baby or something ;)

I just love how long my hair looks in the last one!  That will be one to save for the future when I have old haggard hair!  lol.

In baby news, no baby yet.  This week I will be 39 weeks, so really, it could be any day now.  I'm really crossing my fingers its sooner than later.  I really don't want to be induced, though my doctor hasn't said anything on the subject.  I really don't know what his policy on the subject is.  He hasn't even checked me to see if I'm dilated at all, which I am completely fine with.  It kinda gives me the impression he's more hands off about birth until labor starts.  I've been pretty proud of this pregnancy though!  Here's why!
  • I have not thrown up even once!  Yay!
  • No stretchmarks to be found!  I've seen some pictures of  the stripes some women have earned during their pregnancy and they look downright painful!  I mean, it's not like I'm going to be going around in a bikini anytime soon, but still, I'm secretly pleased that I was able to escape the stretchmarks!
  • I had a few rounds with heartburn, but on the whole, I did not have to suffer from that too much!
  • I can count on one hand how many times leg cramps woke me up during this pregnancy!  As as awful as that was, I seriously can't imagine it being any more than that!!!  I seriously feel for the ladies who had that happen all the time!
  • I can still drive, shave my legs, and get to the gym!  Though putting on my lace up shoes is getting to be a little too hard to do, so I've been wearing my hiking sandals (Chacos) to the gym lately.  he he
   So this was my bump last week!                          

     And these are hanging over his crib!

My Coach diaper bag that my beautiful SIL gave me!
    And our little ones going home outfit!

                                                    The baby's half of our second bedroom!
As of right now, I am apparently the size of a watermelon.  Feels about as heavy too!  Officially on my BabyBump account, they say he's about 7.25 lbs.  He used to kick and move around like crazy, but in the last week, that's slowed down a bit.  Its more rolling and really uncomfortable stretching, with an occasional jab here and there that take my breath away.  I do get worried when I haven't felt him move around in a while, but that's usually when he'll pick it back up.  Now here's the things I'm looking forward to again!!!

  • Bending over/down
  • Breathing
  • Not waddling
  • No more pain in my hips/ribs/back
  • Losing weight and not having a "Wide Load" sign on my bum!
  • Seeing this little ones face!!!!
Its funny how hard and long you pray for something to come into your life.  If I complain about anything these last weeks, I've been feeling a little guilty, cause I think to myself, that I wanted this with all my heart and I lost tears and sleep over wanting a baby so badly.  The last thing I should be doing is complaining.  Especially when there's so many other people I know who are still struggling and it just isn't happening for them.  But dang it, a balloon can only stretch so far before it pops!  ;)  I'm grateful, and no matter how uncomfortable I may be here at the end, and ready to have this baby, that doesn't change that fact at all!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dragon Fruit, Crockpot Stroganoff, and our new vacuum!

So I was grabbing something at Whole Foods, and right at the front entrance, there were these Dragon Fruits, and the sign said "Last of the season" so I figured if I wanted to try them, now was the time!  I've never tried them before, and they're just so dang pretty, don't you agree? (I had to look up how to eat and serve them, cause I had NO clue!)

 Next up, I wanted to share my super easy crockpot beef stroganoff.  Like, super easy.
All you need is:
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can beef broth
8 oz of sour cream
1 lb beef cut into strips (I used chuck medallions)
1 box pasta of your choice (ie egg noodles, rigatoni, etc)

First sear the strips super fast, toss into the pot.
Then toss the soup and broth into the pot on cook on low for around 4-6 hours
When you're ready to eat, mix in the sour cream, and the cooked noodles and you're ready to go.  Add some salt if you'd like.  It's ok, no ones looking ;)

Next up, Rob finally went out and got the vacuum cleaner he's been lusting after.  He did, like, 6 months of research, wanting a Dyson first, then a Kirby, then he decided the Simplicity was his vacuum of choice.  Since he vacuums, he can get whatever his dear heart desires!  Anyway, he brought it home, and it totally looks like the vacuum cleaner that grandma had for like, 20 years, right?  So the cute adorable vacuums are the cheapo-ish ones that break down after 2-5 years, and if you want a great vacuum that will last 10 + years and is "top-rated" then you get grandmas vacuum.  Eh... It sits in the closet anyway, who cares what it looks like!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meal planning

Ok, so I've never done this meal menu planning thing before.  I've seen other people explain the way they do it, but its so hard to figure it our for your own family.  The only way I could get it to semi make sense for me was to work it out myself.  I'm sure I'll get it down over time...probably as soon as I have no time due to a crying  So here is my goal.

Once a week I want to try certain things.  So, Mondays I will try a new breakfast item.  Preferably one that is a little more time consuming than eggs or cereal, and preferably one that makes enough to cover and have stuff for the next day or two, or three.  Like Cinnamon rolls, or muffins of some kind.

Thursdays will be my shopping day for the week.

Fridays I will try some sort of new bread roll, or bread loaf.  I have NO talent whatsoever making things that require yeast, so I'm hoping that by trying and trying again, I might get it down a little better.  Or at least find one out of a hundred that I can actually make well.
Also, every other Friday, Rob and I will have a date night, so I get a freebie night!  Over time, that might change into takeout night when getting a sitter gets more expensive or hard to find ;)

Saturdays I will try to make a new kind of dessert, or a tried and true one.  And hopefully we'll have enough leftovers for Sundays dinner!

I'll try to make Sundays the special dinner night.  You know, the meals that take a little more planning and time to make.

I want to try to have some sort of sandwich for dinner at least once every two weeks.  Like tomorrow, I'm planning BLT's, and I have French dip sandwiches planned later in the month.

At least twice a month will be leftover night too!

I want to try to work in more freezer meals over time, but right now I A) don't have space in our small freezer, and B) need more time to plan those out.  I've tried to work in at least crock-pot meal a week, but I love using my crock pot, so it'll probably be a lot more than that.  And when I cook things that will freeze well, I want to try to remember to make a double recipe to freeze for later.  Like casseroles and soups and stuff.  I'm more concerned about doing that closer to my due date so I can build a store of stuff that I can just take out and cook =)

Theres just so many recipes I have pinned on pinterest, that look SOOOO good, that I've been meaning to try, but I just haven't gotten around to it.  Hopefully this will help me make my rounds.  With any luck, by the end of the year, I'll have tried most of the recipes I have on there!  Ok, wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes as it goes. =)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Foot in mouth...

So, today I was talking to some new people from church(as in new to me since I'm the new person), and somehow the topic of working at Wal-mart came up.  I mentioned how I had worked at Wal-mart through massage college, but in Utah, its the college place to work.  I then mentioned how where I'm from, its very different, as its the "special" place to work where you have to be either missing a limb, or have half a brain.  The girls then start laughing as one of them says that Wal-Mart wouldnt hire her, and she did in fact have half a was removed when she was a child.  I really could have died right there.  How often does an off-the-wall comment like that actually end up being true?!?  What a beautiful spirit she must have though to be able to laugh about it instead of getting offended or hurt.  But really, not one of my finer foot-in-mouth moments.

(I swear, the absolute only time Rob talks to me and expects responses is when I am writing a blog.  I could surf the web all day in peace, but the minute I start to write a blog, he starts yapping away!  How does that happen?!?)

In other news, I am now experiencing the joys of little feet in my ribs.  Lots of fun... =P  And if anyone wants to volunteer to help me unpack and organize these last few boxes and the babys room, that would be fabulous.  Cause my organizational bone got broke this week.  Lots to get used to as I am no longer working.  You'd think I'd use all this extra time to get SUPER organized (especially since my mother-in-law is coming to town on monday), but I cant seem to get all that motivated.  Then I feel so unproductive at the end of the day.  Any suggestions on what I can do thats not to exerty (is that a word?  It is now) that can keep me busy and make me feel productive while I'm waiting for this baby to come?  Granted, I know I can clean and organize, but A)that only goes so far before you are done and done, and B)That can just get boring.  I also know I can read a good book, but sometimes I feel guilty doing that by the end of the day.  Maybe I can make Freezer meals for after the baby comes and I dont want to cook... but I still got at least 2 months left... would they last that long?  Some freezer meal stuff says to make it within a month...  and also, we have a SMALL freezer...

Ok, now that I'm rambling, I know its bedtime!  ta ta for now internet-land.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Leaving California and the 2nd trimester

I really admire those people who have a regular blogging schedule!  Hopefully now that I have more free time, I'll be able to blog more... thought the catch of having more free time, is that I end up having less to blog about...hmmm.  Anyway, for now, I'll catch you up on the Winberg household! (moving, Tim/Kenny concert, pregnancy update)

We last left off right before we were about to move all our stuff out to Vegas and I was gearing up to be homeless for a few weeks.  This is about how our apartment looked at the time...please ignore the annoying baby talk I was giving my kitties... I promise I do not do that all the time.  That's Rob. =)

Then the big day came and went smoothly, apparently... I was at work, and came home to an empty apartment!  Thank goodness for friends and family who helped with everything!  I didn't even have to clean much, most everything was done!  And I will say, it was left as clean (if not cleaner) than when we first got the apartment, and we were still charged a cleaning fee!!!!  I swear, apartment complexes feel their main goal in life is to rip everyone off just cause they can!  Anyway, back to the story...Goodbye beautiful apartment, we will miss you! =(

I spent the next few weeks here and there, living out of a suitcase.  I'm so grateful to the families who let me stay with them... the Greer's, the Neely's, the Fardads, everyone was so kind!  I got to visit Rob in our new home for a few days, and while I was here I got started on the unpacking process... let me tell you, I couldn't even wrap my head around where I would start!  Everything was everywhere!  And there would be times Rob would go looking for something, so he'd rifle through half a box, and then open another, and rifle through half of it... I don't even know why I bothered organizing things within boxes!  but I managed to at least get the kitchen mostly unpacked so I could cook while I was here.

The last day of work at the Four Seasons was especially hard.  I made a lot of great friends there, and I didn't feel like I  was ready to leave them behind.  I still feel (mostly) able to work, so I still feel like I should be working, and the thought of not going back was tough.  I can honestly say, I have never worked somewhere with so many women and had that little amount of drama.  Oh, I'm sure there was a ton of drama I didn't see since I was only there part-time, but still, the fact that when I was there, no one was spreading the gossip, badmouthing others, or letting it obviously affect their working relationship with others, speaks volumes.  I will miss you guys, and please, please keep in touch!

My last full day in Cali, I got to go the the Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney concert with my Winberg family!  It was so great!  I loved it!  Jake Owen was the opening act, and he was awesome!  I loved him!  I have no idea why they put him before Grace Potter and the Nocturnal's... they weren't even country and they honestly didn't get that great of a reception from the crowd.  I loved the one song she sang with Kenny, but that was at the end of the night.  If anything, she shouldve gone first.  But still, great concert overall!  Music from was exhausting!

 I don't know why I made this awkward face...yikes
 When Tim came on, my MIL leaned over and said "Oh dear, look at his muscles!  He is HOT!"  hehehe  Then my SIL leaned over and said "I have that exact same shirt as him..."  LOL!  Maybe he borrowed it from Faith to make his muscles look bigger?

 7 of the 8 Winberg women... plus two unborn babes... cousins first picture together!  lol

I stopped at my cute friend, Jen's, baby shower on my way out of town... isn't she just the cutest pregnant girl?  I'm so jealous!  But seriously, at her shower, there were like, 10 pregnant ladies... maybe that's an exaggeration, but there were a lot!

And lastly, according to my phone apps, and What To Expect When You Are Expecting, today is the first day of my 3rd trimester!  Yay, so exciting!  13 weeks left until my due date.  New things I am experiencing...
  • Heartburn.  yuck.  It was bad the last few days in California, then it calmed down and I've only had it a few times here in Vegas, but when I have it, I have it bad!
  • A few leg cramps here and there.  Mostly when Rob wakes me up to say goodbye in the morning and I do my morning stretchy legs and arms.  You know what I'm talking about...anyway, not a huge thing since its not all that often yet, but painful when it does happen!
  • Bending over to reach things, pick things up, or organize things (like under sinks...ugh) is getting really uncomfortable.  I'd much rather deal with things up high now.  That's a first in my life.  I was talking about it with my mom yesterday.  She was saying all husbands should be required to wear a fake prego belly for an extended period of time to make them appreciate what we live with.  I said it would only work if there was some way for that belly to jam something into their lungs and make it impossible to breathe every time they bend over.  Seriously, I cant wait to breathe normally again!
  • We have a name that I think we have decided on.  But we're not putting it out into the Internet world just yet since its not 100%, and even if it were, we still haven't decided how we're going to spell it.  Funny how much difference one little letter can make, huh?
I'm entering the "uncomfortable stage".  I thought this whole pregnancy thing was going smoothly as a dream, and sometimes even forgot I was pregnant.  I can say now, that I never forget I'm pregnant, and between the back aches, not being able to breathe, weird uncomfortable pains, skin stretching and burning, and kicks to the bladder and internal organs, I'm a bit uncomfortable.  Luckily I'm not sick on top of it all.  I'm so grateful for my maintained good health, so thank goodness for small favors.

21 weeks
22 weeks
 23 weeks
 25 weeks
 26 weeks
 27 weeks!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seriously need to update this more!

Ok, so I really should update more!  I think about it a lot, and then it never gets done.  I figure I should do it now while I still have a computer to do it on.

First and foremost... by the end of this week, I will be homeless.  A sad, sad, pregnant, most likely barefoot, homeless girl.  Awww :(  Ok, maybe technically not homeless.  I guess we can let the good news out, Rob got a job in Las Vegas and this Saturday we're moving all our stuff to our new place out there!  (technically I should be packing or resting so I can get up early and resume packing)  Yay!  We get to live in a two bedroom, and I get to be a stay-at-home mommy!  I really feel so blessed!  The homeless part comes in when we are legally out of our apartment (this Saturday) and I get to stay out here until middle of July to finish up work and a bit of the busy season while I can still work!  Then I get to join my hubby in the hot hot desert and finish out the summer and start and end my third trimester in the blistering heat... boo.  If you need me, I'll be in my air conditioned apartment...all the time.  So I say goodbye to beautiful So Cal, which has been my home for all but 5 years of my life, on July 15th =*(

Exciting second trimester news:
1) I got to go to the Ellen Mothers Day show!  It was really amazing, and I love how generous Ellen is!  We seriously got a lot of the big baby stuff I was worried we wouldnt be able to afford for quite some time!  I won a contest, so I not only got VIP seats, but I got to take another new mom, pregnant for the first time!  I feel so humbled and grateful for the experience and opportunity!  Thank you Ellen!!!

2)  It's a boy!  We found out the gender at 19 weeks!  So exciting!  I was going to be thrilled no matter what, but a small part of me wanted a boy first so that he could be the protective big brother for future siblings!  Though, I couldnt tell you it was a boy from looking at the ultrasound...she said "see that there?  It's his boy parts!" and I said "if you say so".  To be honest, what she pointed at looked exactly the same as everything else around the baby, so I'll just take her word for it!

3) The day before the Ellen Show (On May 9th) I felt my very first baby movements!  They were super super light and I had to be lying on my back with my hand on my stomach being very still, and then I felt something.  Gradually over time I started to feel the same thing more often, and stronger, and then I could feel it when I would sit down, and now (almost 21 weeks) I am starting to feel his little movements when I'm standing up!  Its so odd... I can definantly feel his mass move from my left side to my right side, and he definantly favors my left side.  I couldn't tell you what body part is where yet, and he doesn't seem to move more when I eat certain foods... he definantly seems to move more when I sit down though... I get the impression he prefers when I stand up.  Too bad baby boy!  Mamma has gotta rest!

 From around 9 weeks to 15 weeks, my lover-boy, Gatsby, took up this position on my lap...I don't know why it was such a short lived thing... I loved it!

4)  Still feeling great!  I feel a little guilty when some of my friends just feel like crap through their pregnancy.  This really has been a dream pregnancy for me!  Karma says that if I have a great pregnancy, the child will make up for any suffering I missed out just wont work out THAT perfectly for me!  lol.  And now I'm starting to show!  Yay for photo proof!

In other news, we got to go to Reno the beginning of April for my brother-in-law's and my sister-in-laws temple sealing in the Reno temple.  It was beautiful!  And Sean and Tarilyns son, Porter, was just too cute!  He totally stole the show!  It was like a giant family reunion too, so it was a lot of fun!  When Rob left to get back to work, he got to take his sisters private jet back to Cali with their family cause they had an extra seat!  What a spoiled boy he was that day!

At one point, all of us spouses were sitting in a row on the stage while the Winberg clan was goofing around on the basketball court.  That was a fun little picture.  Its hard to believe that the huge group photo is just Howard and Edi, their kids, their kids spouses, and their grandchildren.  We're a big bunch!