Sunday, August 29, 2010

Editing advise?

Ok, so I went with my dear and patient friend Lianne to go practice more photography. I'm lucky she is patient, because we had more than our fair share of problems. First of all, we get to the fountain I had been dying to take pictures at, and theres a cone in the middle of it. Hilarious, but we just had to shoot angles that didnt include that fun little object!

Second, the technical difficulty I've been having with my Nikon, is that the camera seems to want to tell ME when it is or isnt going to shoot. I get one shot, then it refuses to take another. I'll mess with the settings and then it'll decide to let me take 2 or 3 more (if I'm lucky), then it'll stop shooting again. I'm very puzzled as to why it's doing this, and it makes it hard to get the settings right, when I'm only allowed one shot. I discovered that when I take the battery out, when I turn it back on, it lets me take 4 more photos. After an hour shoot though, I realized that everytime I took the battery out, for some reason, all the photos on my stick dissapeared! OY! I wanted to die! We stayed 15 more minutes, got a few useable photos and decided to try again another day.
Of the photo's I got, I went to edit, and I LOVE editing! The only problem I am having (I'm testing LightRoom right now) is that I jazz the photo up, maybe tweak a little, or tweak a lot, and I dont know what setting I'm adjusting that is making some of the photos I email out really grainy! They dont look grainy on my computer! But the minute they are off my computer and on someone elses, it's grain city! And I'm not even touching the grain setting in Lightroom! I know some of you are photographers, so what is it I'm doing?!? HELP!
So here's a couple of photos from our fun session. Theyre from my computer, so I doubt there is much grainyness. We'll see though.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Embarrasing admission

So, I have an embarrasing thing to admit. I remember all the teachers I know talk about tenure when I was younger. Talk, but not write it down. I always thought they were saying ten-year. And I thought they were excited about ten-year because they had a guaranteed job for ten years. Made sense to me, and I never saw it spelled, so I never questioned it. I never really thought about it much, until I saw something about it online recently, and was wondering what tenure was. After seeing it used in a sentence, I came to realize, that I am just dumb. lol

On a side note, I took some pictures of my friend Lianne recently. I am having a few technical problems with my camera that I can hopefully iron out, so the exposure was completely terrible, and I couldn't do much to fix or salvage many of the pictures other than what I could do in LightRoom/Photoshop. Here are a few of the ones that are semi ok! I was also just playing around with a watermark, honestly cause it gave me the option, so I took it. I dont know if I'll stick with the name or anything, but it was a fun little thing to add.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jobs and Family

So, Rob has been looking for jobs. He really wants to get into law enforcement. The only problem is that it takes too freaking long to complete the entire application process! Like, 6-9 months is considered quick. Anyway, he is going to be testing with the Riverside Police Department, so cross your fingers for him. He had gotten back a letter from the Salem, OR police asking him to come test out there...the only problem with that, is that we got the letter on the 14th, and the testing date is the 18th. =( No time to plan for that one. I was really hoping for Salem too. We're even starting to consider Utah now, that how desperate we;re getting now. lol.

Rob's mom also came into town not too long ago, so we have a big family get together...for only the family that is in so cal...which is a tiny percentage. We took one of the biggest tables at Bucca De Beppo! I love that place!

I love their pizza!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today at work...

One of my coworkers 4(ish) year old son was waiting in the front lobby with grandma...

Me: Bricey! How did you get so cute Bricey?!?

Brice:(pause to think) It's because I drink chocolate milk!

lol. I still cant sop laughing! I thought I'd share!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

After a LONG hiatus...

Ok, so after living 9 months with no internet other than my little iPhone, which as far as I know, offers no easy way to update blogs, we finally have internet, and I can finally start to update the good ol' blog! I wont get into too much detail about things and bore the maybe one person who might read this.

Our Kitty Cat! We got Dash about, oh, 5 or 6 months ago. I swear, Rob loves that boy like he was his own birth child. I think Dash gets more lovin than I do! We lovingly call him Stinky because the poor thing had stomach problems with the first first food we tried him on, which resulted in some pretty potent gas problems. Unfortunantly for us, I think he realized how to control that power, and unleashed it on us whenever he didnt want to be held/played with/scared/etc.

School- I start back to school this fall after taking the summer off. Its really tough to work full time, and try to get night classes in. Not that I really have it that hard, but its tough to concentrate on school and keep up 110% at work. Maybe eventually I can go to school full time. I never imagined the day I'd say that! But I am almost at that point where I have to decide what direction to go in... not many more general classes left, which is good, but really...I dont wanna decide! I think I'll do the whole Nursing direction, and at the same time, take photo classes and workshops on the side. I'm really loving Photography, and lucky me, my brother lent me an older DSLR, so I'm learning more and more! I even just got a flash, which has really brought a new element to my photos! Here's a few from some friends of ours, Nate and Malia's new baby!

Anyway, like I said, I wont bore you with length! Rob and I have been married for 9 months, and it isnt always easy, which I never expected, but it is worth it! No babies yet for us, we'll wait a little bit longer for that. Rob is loving the graduated life, but unfortunantly its a tough place in the world for recent college grads, so cross your fingers that he finds a good job soon! I dont even care where it is, as long as he can finally be doing something that he loves!