Saturday, June 6, 2009

Relay for Life

Yay! I love stealing Robs computer! So, the Relay for Life went really well. We really only had about 3 weeks to prepare, as we got involved really late. All in all we raised over $600 dollars for the American Cancer Society. BJ's restaurant even got involved and held a fundraiser night (which reminds me, I need to pick up the check from them).

And then the day of the relay, we got all set up, and I gave massages all day when I wasnt walking, as a way to earn some extra money for the ACS. It was a ton of fun, and some people even came back for a second massage. I may have gotten a few new clients out of it too!

The whole relay was super amazing and emotional. There were so many people there, and to be able to see firsthand the lives it touched, was an amazing experience. I highly recommend getting involved, or at least just making a quick visit to any local Relay for Life's in your area! Theres a ton of great fundraising and raffles... Next year I want to raffle off a puppy, I think that would be such a smart way to attract people to our booth! I will definantly be involved next year!

And guess what!!!! Kirby Heyborn from the Singles Ward, and every other mormon movie, performed there!!!