Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maternity photos and baby stuff

I had my maternity photos taken by a friend of mine.  Lora Knight, @ Loraknightphotography.com.  She just opened up a studio and is great! I'm really happy with how they turned out, I just wish Rob could have been there for some photos too!  I'm feeling a little weird with the idea of printing something up of just me to hang on the wall.  Maybe I can incorporate one or two into a collage of the baby or something ;)

I just love how long my hair looks in the last one!  That will be one to save for the future when I have old haggard hair!  lol.

In baby news, no baby yet.  This week I will be 39 weeks, so really, it could be any day now.  I'm really crossing my fingers its sooner than later.  I really don't want to be induced, though my doctor hasn't said anything on the subject.  I really don't know what his policy on the subject is.  He hasn't even checked me to see if I'm dilated at all, which I am completely fine with.  It kinda gives me the impression he's more hands off about birth until labor starts.  I've been pretty proud of this pregnancy though!  Here's why!
  • I have not thrown up even once!  Yay!
  • No stretchmarks to be found!  I've seen some pictures of  the stripes some women have earned during their pregnancy and they look downright painful!  I mean, it's not like I'm going to be going around in a bikini anytime soon, but still, I'm secretly pleased that I was able to escape the stretchmarks!
  • I had a few rounds with heartburn, but on the whole, I did not have to suffer from that too much!
  • I can count on one hand how many times leg cramps woke me up during this pregnancy!  As as awful as that was, I seriously can't imagine it being any more than that!!!  I seriously feel for the ladies who had that happen all the time!
  • I can still drive, shave my legs, and get to the gym!  Though putting on my lace up shoes is getting to be a little too hard to do, so I've been wearing my hiking sandals (Chacos) to the gym lately.  he he
   So this was my bump last week!                          

     And these are hanging over his crib!

My Coach diaper bag that my beautiful SIL gave me!
    And our little ones going home outfit!

                                                    The baby's half of our second bedroom!
As of right now, I am apparently the size of a watermelon.  Feels about as heavy too!  Officially on my BabyBump account, they say he's about 7.25 lbs.  He used to kick and move around like crazy, but in the last week, that's slowed down a bit.  Its more rolling and really uncomfortable stretching, with an occasional jab here and there that take my breath away.  I do get worried when I haven't felt him move around in a while, but that's usually when he'll pick it back up.  Now here's the things I'm looking forward to again!!!

  • Bending over/down
  • Breathing
  • Not waddling
  • No more pain in my hips/ribs/back
  • Losing weight and not having a "Wide Load" sign on my bum!
  • Seeing this little ones face!!!!
Its funny how hard and long you pray for something to come into your life.  If I complain about anything these last weeks, I've been feeling a little guilty, cause I think to myself, that I wanted this with all my heart and I lost tears and sleep over wanting a baby so badly.  The last thing I should be doing is complaining.  Especially when there's so many other people I know who are still struggling and it just isn't happening for them.  But dang it, a balloon can only stretch so far before it pops!  ;)  I'm grateful, and no matter how uncomfortable I may be here at the end, and ready to have this baby, that doesn't change that fact at all!