Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dragon Fruit, Crockpot Stroganoff, and our new vacuum!

So I was grabbing something at Whole Foods, and right at the front entrance, there were these Dragon Fruits, and the sign said "Last of the season" so I figured if I wanted to try them, now was the time!  I've never tried them before, and they're just so dang pretty, don't you agree? (I had to look up how to eat and serve them, cause I had NO clue!)

 Next up, I wanted to share my super easy crockpot beef stroganoff.  Like, super easy.
All you need is:
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can beef broth
8 oz of sour cream
1 lb beef cut into strips (I used chuck medallions)
1 box pasta of your choice (ie egg noodles, rigatoni, etc)

First sear the strips super fast, toss into the pot.
Then toss the soup and broth into the pot on cook on low for around 4-6 hours
When you're ready to eat, mix in the sour cream, and the cooked noodles and you're ready to go.  Add some salt if you'd like.  It's ok, no ones looking ;)

Next up, Rob finally went out and got the vacuum cleaner he's been lusting after.  He did, like, 6 months of research, wanting a Dyson first, then a Kirby, then he decided the Simplicity was his vacuum of choice.  Since he vacuums, he can get whatever his dear heart desires!  Anyway, he brought it home, and it totally looks like the vacuum cleaner that grandma had for like, 20 years, right?  So the cute adorable vacuums are the cheapo-ish ones that break down after 2-5 years, and if you want a great vacuum that will last 10 + years and is "top-rated" then you get grandmas vacuum.  Eh... It sits in the closet anyway, who cares what it looks like!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meal planning

Ok, so I've never done this meal menu planning thing before.  I've seen other people explain the way they do it, but its so hard to figure it our for your own family.  The only way I could get it to semi make sense for me was to work it out myself.  I'm sure I'll get it down over time...probably as soon as I have no time due to a crying  So here is my goal.

Once a week I want to try certain things.  So, Mondays I will try a new breakfast item.  Preferably one that is a little more time consuming than eggs or cereal, and preferably one that makes enough to cover and have stuff for the next day or two, or three.  Like Cinnamon rolls, or muffins of some kind.

Thursdays will be my shopping day for the week.

Fridays I will try some sort of new bread roll, or bread loaf.  I have NO talent whatsoever making things that require yeast, so I'm hoping that by trying and trying again, I might get it down a little better.  Or at least find one out of a hundred that I can actually make well.
Also, every other Friday, Rob and I will have a date night, so I get a freebie night!  Over time, that might change into takeout night when getting a sitter gets more expensive or hard to find ;)

Saturdays I will try to make a new kind of dessert, or a tried and true one.  And hopefully we'll have enough leftovers for Sundays dinner!

I'll try to make Sundays the special dinner night.  You know, the meals that take a little more planning and time to make.

I want to try to have some sort of sandwich for dinner at least once every two weeks.  Like tomorrow, I'm planning BLT's, and I have French dip sandwiches planned later in the month.

At least twice a month will be leftover night too!

I want to try to work in more freezer meals over time, but right now I A) don't have space in our small freezer, and B) need more time to plan those out.  I've tried to work in at least crock-pot meal a week, but I love using my crock pot, so it'll probably be a lot more than that.  And when I cook things that will freeze well, I want to try to remember to make a double recipe to freeze for later.  Like casseroles and soups and stuff.  I'm more concerned about doing that closer to my due date so I can build a store of stuff that I can just take out and cook =)

Theres just so many recipes I have pinned on pinterest, that look SOOOO good, that I've been meaning to try, but I just haven't gotten around to it.  Hopefully this will help me make my rounds.  With any luck, by the end of the year, I'll have tried most of the recipes I have on there!  Ok, wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes as it goes. =)