Monday, March 16, 2009

Cake Mania!

So we had munch and mingle at church, and I decided to bring some cakes. I've been wanting to try my hand at cake decorating because it seems like an easy way to save money on a wedding would be to make the cake. So I prepared, watched little videos, and got a general little design in mind. Here is the finished product!

I think with a little bit more practice, I could actually do my own wedding cake! I just loved decorating too! IT was so much fun! I really want to experiment more, and try new things! So, I do not think this will be the end of creative baking for me... look for more to come!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stys gone bad...

So, Saturday, I woke up and my eye was kinda red. I thought I had pink eye. Well, I finally remembered that though I dont have health insurance, I could see the nurse practitioner at the school, since I'm a student, which made me very happy considering the fact my eye had gotten so bad, I wasnt sleeping through the night. She told me on Wed. night that I had a sty on my upper eye lid that got out of control for some reason, and got infected, and the infection spread along all of my upper eye lid, and even into my tear duct! She gave me some drops and said I should be feeling better the next day.
Well, the next day, my eye was twice as swollen! She ended up calling me in some oral antibiotic, and I noticed the first small improvements today, finally! But really, A whole week of red, itchy, swollen, painful eye is just getting old now! I'm about ready to cut the whole thing out and just try to make the eye patch fashion work! And today, the thing has been tearing up so constantly with tears, or whatever is in there, that I feel like my eye is just drowning by now! We took some funny (i guess not that funny for me) pictures yesterday when it was at its worst!

Ya, not so bad, huh? Just wait until you see the other side though... Completely different person, huh?

And from the front...

Ouchy! I'm so over this already!

Friday, March 6, 2009

School Days

So, I am going back to school. Good thing I grew up in California... I'd hate to pay those out of state fees! But I'm just taking 2 classes, which I thought would be a breeze, but its really not! My only saving grace is that I'm taking political science, and US history, so they kinda reinforce each other. Learning about one is helping me with the other! So, I've had my first two tests in each class. I got my results from my Poli Sci class this last week, and I got one of the only A's!!! I just took my Hist test a couple of days ago, so I dont know how I did, but it was pretty hard. I ordered my books online, cause I couldnt afford to pay the nearly $250 for the 2 required books, and they hadnt arrived yet, so I was able to study for the test off the one book that they had in the library. I obviously knew the material, but I couldn't site the 2 quotes from the other book that he required in the essay! Arg! So, I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting till next week to find out how I did!
Work wise, I finally got my first review! Overall, an outstanding review! They want to bring me closer in to the company and give me more responsibility... I didnt hear anything about a raise to go along with that extra responsibility though...=) But I am grateful to have a job, which is more than some people can say in cali now a days! Anyway, I did get a very very small bonus, which I hope to see soon, but all in all, life is just truckin along!