Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Revamping our bookcase

So, we got this bookcase as a gift from my uncle.  The same bookcase that I made our refurbished frame out of from one of the old glass panes that was on it.  I have just been thinking that it looked a little grandparent-ish hand-my-downy, so I wanted to give it a face-lift!  Here is our before:

Once I took out all the books, I had no idea that I had a small bookstore on my hands!  And this doesnt include cooking, or old schoolbooks I've kept!  Or the books that I knew I'd never read again, so I gave them away!

Then I bought some semi-gloss black paint from the hardware store and gave it 2 layers of black paint EVERYWHERE except the back wall.  I probably should have sanded/faux sanded, but I really had no interest in adding another step messy or not.  Just the painting alone killed my wrists (massage therapist, they're already abused, didnt need more), so I crossed my fingers and prayed it would be alright without that little step.

I thought it turned out quite lovely!  Then I went to all the local hardware stores.  I wanted to find either a damask or striped wallpaper to put on the back wall in some sort of shade of green.  Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find anywhere that carries wallpaper or wallpaper samples anymore!  Maybe I missed the only store that does, but everywhere said the same thing: "We only carry it online now!"  ARG!  So thats what I did!  I found a ton of wallpapers I LOVED... that were $36/roll with a min. 2 roll purchase.  Um, not really in my budget.  In the end though, I found something that I loved that also worked for my wallet! =)  TaDa!

I'm in love!  I put the books back in and almost took them out again cause I felt like not enough of the green was showing through the books!  I no longer feel the constant urge to buy a new bookcase anymore!