Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saying goodbye, and catching up

A couple of weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to some of our close friends because they were moving to New Mexico. =(  We're very sad, and we will miss them, but hopefully we'll be able to see them occasionally!  So we had a little "last hoorah" at Dimples, the Kareoke bar.  On a Monday night.  Obviously, it was packed.  Ha.  But it was nice, cause all of us girls's microphone hungry husbands had (almost) total domain over the stage for a majority of the night!  It was a lot of fun!  I sang "leaving on a jet plane" (even though they drove), and the boys sang every off key hard rock song they could.  lol.  It was hilarious... aside from the brawl that we almost started... lol.  Seriously though.  Don't mess with us, or we will cut you.  lol.  "Seriously, are you still talking?!?"  Best night ever!

I don't know what those boys are gonna do without each other!  lol.  But we'll keep in touch as they raise their adorable growing family!  Malia just had her second little boy this morning!  We're so happy for them!

Other than that, I know I'm a bit behind!  Thanksgiving was great...I cooked!  Christmas was great... I cooked!  Robs birthday was great... I only cooked some appetizers, and some really hard brownies.  Note to self: When accidentally pouring the batter into a too large pan and deciding to go with it anyway, remember to cut the time in half!  For christmas, Rob got a TV, and I got a Kitchen-aid mixer, so that pretty much means, we will NEVER be able to top this christmas!  Then Robs birthday came around shortly after... luckily I plan for that... I hope to never give him a present and say "Merry christmas!  Oh yeah, and its your birthday gift too!"  Boo!  I got him a nice sports coat, a fireproof safe, and I framed the ticket stub I saved from our first date to the movies.  Aw, right?

New Years was great.  I made one resolution.  I will run a half marathon this year.  Maybe I'll do a 10k first to get warmed up.  I decided against the little things that I'd break right away, like losing 10 pounds, or working out every day... I figure if I get that big one, all the other little ones will follow =)  And if I don't, at least I only broke 1 resolution instead of 5 ;) hehe, no but I will do it!

Last year I made the resolution to find out I was pregnant before christmas 2011.  I was thinking I didn't make it, but then I remembered that technically, I did.  We found out I was pregnant... right after my ectopic ruptured... but still, we found out, so resolution accomplished.  Now to do it again... this time with a better outcome.  This whole thing is such a rollercoaster.  Right now, is definantly a heartbreaking time.  Like one of those moments when you just want something with all your heart, and nothing you can do will get you there any faster.  I mean, if I am just DYING for a certain pair of shoes, I can just drive over to the store and buy them (and then hide them in the closet and hope rob doesn't notice the first time I wear them...which he ALWAYS does).  But you really can't do that with a baby.  Nope.  Appearantly the life lesson I need to learn is patience right now.  If you pray for kindness, God gives you the opportunities to be kind.  If you pray for patience, God gives you the opportunities to be patient... OK God!  Lesson learned!  Moving on! Sigh.  I know, I know.  Gods timing.  Not mine.

Well, if you made it this far, you are a rockstar!  Happy New Year, and if anyone needs anything at all, please let me know!  We really want to find more opportunities this year to help others out.  Plus, the more people we help move, the more help we can expect when the time comes for us to move! ;)  haha, jk.  Kind of.