Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yay! Boy met girl, girl and boy fell in love, boy asked girl to marry him... girl said yes!

So, there have been many requests for the story of how Rob proposed, and many more for pictures of the ring. I didnt want to type the story out too many times, so I'll just give everyone the link here to read the hows, wheres, and whens! Oh, and my memory card is having trouble tranfering the pictures to the computer, so you'll all have to wait a bit for pictures!

On July 1st, which happened to be my mom's birthday, AND Canada Day, Rob took me to the LA Griffith Observatory. We went out to dinner before-hand to a sushi place that seemed like a random hole in the wall... little did we know that we'd end up sitting at the table next to Bette Midler! Anyway, we didn't bug her... just stared a little bit, and evesdropped a We finished dinner, and then headed over to the observatory. We watched the laser star show, and then went up to the top of the building overlooking L.A. It was very romantic! Then Rob would start to tell me how much he loved me, and then we'd walk to another part of the roof. Then he reminded me that we had had one of our first dates at the Observatory, and then walked to another part of the roof. I knew it was going to happen that night, cause I could see the ring box in his pocket...but when they announced that the Observatory was going to close in 5 minutes sharp, I started to wonder if he had changed his mind. As we turned to head out, Rob "accidentally" dropped his keys, dropped to both knees to pick them up, and then turned to me with the ring box in hand and asked me to marry him. Yes, thats right, he was on both knees... that made it extra special! I said yes, he said "yes what?"...hmmmm.... I said "yes please?" he said "yes what?" again, and then I got it... I said yes I'll marry you, and he put the ring on my finger. It was one i had tried with him once and had fallen in love with! We left walking on air!

So, now we are trying to plan a November 7th wedding, amid work and school schedules... not the easiest thing, but it will get done! I can't wait to join the Winberg family!