Saturday, March 16, 2013

3 Fears of Mine

I generally think of myself as a pretty fearless person.  Given the opportunity, I can charge into any situation with a "fake it till you make it" attitude.  I could move across the country (and I have) and have to make all new friends without batting an eye.  Start a new job?  I'll wow them.  Experiment in the kitchen?  How bad could it be? Have children?  I was born to be a mother.  Have my mother move down the street from me.... well....yikes.  haha.  But then I look at myself from an outside point of view, and I have some pretty intense (and probably pretty irrational) fears.  So here are 3 legitimate fears that I have, in no particular order.

1)  I fear the death of a beloved pet.  When I was a child, when one of my pets died, s/he got a kings burial.  I wore black for a week, and cried for days on end.  My pets weren't just animals, they were some of my best friends.  As I got older, I don't know if it was a conscious act or not, but we'd end up giving our pets away for one reason or another, before they died.  My bird Tweety was given to my vocal coach.  I think it was cause my cats kept trying to scare it to death.  My dog Zodiac ended up living with my mom when I moved out, and she ended up giving it to a family on a farm when she had to move.  My cat Zoey ran away in the middle of one of my moves.  We have 2 cats now, and the thought of finding one of them lifeless terrifies me.  I don't know how I'll be able to hold it together, and especially if Greyson is older, that's going to be especially important.  And if anyone knows Rob, you know that our kitties are more family than

2)  Sharks.  Not just in deep ocean water, but mid calf ocean water, ankle deep water, lakes, backyard pools, and ANY body of water in the dark.  If I cant touch the ground and I'm swimming, I hear Jaws music.  I panic!  I love to swim, but you won't catch me in a pool by myself, and snorkeling and especially scuba diving is out of the question.  Totally irrational, and I know in my mind it is completely stupid, but there you go.

3)  Ghosts.  I don't even want to talk about it.  The rational part of my mind says that even if a spirit in this world existed, and hey, ya, they probably do, they can't hurt us, and probably aren't even aware of us.  Then theres that dark part of my mind that pictures them watching from a corner of my house with evil eyes.  Just imagining that anything is there and aware of me and may possibly have sinister thoughts, is terrifying.  I have the eeby jeebies now.  This is why I can't watch horror movies.  Now I need to go watch some stupid sitcom to cleanse my mind of this so I can sleep.  lol

So theres a look into my jumbled mixed up head.  3 of my legitimate, though probably irrational fears.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

4 months old

My goodness, time flies by fast!  My baby boy is 4 months old and growing like a weed!  It seems like every day he's learning or doing something new!  Now he's about 4 1/2 months old actually, and the thing he does the most is stick his little tongue out and squeak/squeel.  It is really quite adorable!  He was pretty unbearable for about 4 days... crying constantly, very grumpy, low fever, wanting to nurse all the time, not sleeping very long at all... just being a general stinker butt.  I think he was starting to teethe, and going through a growth spurt at the same time.  Lucky for me, my happy easy going baby came back.  I swear, for those 4 days, he hardly even smiled at me, I coulda swore he didnt like me anymore. =( But now, hes smiling and laughing again!  I missed that so much!

  • He's 15 lb 7 oz, and 24 1/2 inch tall
  • He's starting to put weight on his feet, but still not rolling over
  • He still hates tummy time, but it getting pretty good at sitting up while assisted
  • He loves to be at home.  If we're out and about in the evening, he gets SUPER grumpy
  • Loves everything about his fingers!  Looking at them, sucking on them... scratching mommy and pulling her hair... =/
  • Still loves bath time, sometimes its the only thing that will calm him down
  • This kid loves to be naked!  If we cant settle him down (which isnt often), usually we strip him down, and he's all smiles again... this kid is such a stinker!
  • He thinks the words Poop and Stinky are just so funny!