Friday, December 20, 2013

being mom

Being mom means that you usually eat dinner once its cold.  And what you eat, usually gets cut in half cause you are the one to share with the little one(s).  Sometimes you forget to eat breakfast/shower/pee cause someone else is a little more demanding than the need to eat/be clean/pee.  The songs that get stuck in your head are songs from Sesame Street, baby einsteins, veggie tales, etc... and you don't even know who the latest popular artists are.  Going somewhere after 8:00 is impossible because thats after/just before bedtime.  And we are never, ever, ever, ever in any of the pictures, cause we are ALWAYS the one taking those pictures.  That being said, I am extremely grateful to my friend Liz for taking pictures of me and Greyson!  I so treasure these sweet pictures!

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