Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who does that?!?

Sad day!  We woke up and got ready for church this morning.  As we were leaving and locking up, we noticed something different about our wreath!

Someone stole the "W" last night!  How rude!  I guess thats what I get for putting up something nice.  Seriously though... who does that?!?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I made a wreath!

Ok, so I jumped on the wreath-making bandwagon...  lol.  Actually I jumped on it a few weeks ago, made everything, and then it just sat there at the mercy of my cats (I had to remake the flowers a few times cause they unrolled them) cause I didn't have a hot glue gun.  Today I took care of that problem and actually finished everything!
 I'm pretty fond of how it turned out!  And I love that it's not seasonal, so I can keep it up for however long!
For the flowers, I used this link as a reference, except I used felt instead of paper!

It's not perfect, but I love it!  And I don't really know how to tie pretty bows (I'm sure theres a million tutorials out there...) but oh well.  The wooden "W" was $2.99, the twig wreath was $4.99, and I got 4 sheets of felt all together at $0.29 each!  All at Michaels.  Who knows how much it would have cost to have a personalized wreath with all the colors I wanted on it!

Photo Love

So there's this picture that I just love... taken by a very talented photographer I know, Bradley Smith.  I just thought I'd share the beauty =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So that website is totally a time sucker, but is also inspiring me!  I saw this post for an up cycled picture frame:
I thought that was totally adorable and such a great idea.  I was dreaming of different thrift stores or other types of stores that might have old windows that people didn't want anymore, and what I could do with them... then I got a stroke of genius!  We have this bookcase that my uncle gave us.  It used to have these glass paned front panels that could slide down and sit in front of the shelves protecting everything, or you could slide them up and out of the way.  Well the bookcase only had one of these panes left, so we just kept it up all the time.  I decided to take this pane off, paint it, decorate it, and somehow find a way to put pictures in it just like the idea from Pinterest.  Here is the result!  I LOVE it!!!

I super glued painted clothespins (surprisingly hard to find) onto the glass to make for easy switching of photos whenever I want, and decided to start with cute little pictures of Rob and I as kids at roughly the same ages.  I thought the red buttons made a cute little accent too!  Then I added wire to the back so I can hang it!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  And all it cost me was $0.99 for the black acrylic paint, and $3.00 for the pack of buttons!  What a bargain!
Stay tunes for more inspiration!  I'm on a roll!