Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not much new... haha, ya right

well, since I've been true to form and neglected my blog, which is more journal than anything since anything that goes on here really isn't news to anyone... I think I kinda come on here for the theraputic act of typing and putting my thoughts into words.  If I didnt get hand cramps from writing so much, that may actually work for my dusty journal too. 

so, whats new?   Well, this is not news to anyone, but I'm due with baby number 2 in August!  August 16th, to be exact, which is my baby sisters birthday, so its definitely not a bad day to come into this world.  However, I kinda feel like he/she is going to join us around the 9th.  I guess we'll see how close I am and how accurate a mothers intuition is (in the small scheme).

Oh man, doesn't that face just kill you?  Ugh, I swear I could just eat him up most days. Its getting to the point that I have to try not to laugh when he does something naughty.  Its cute, but I know I cant encourage him.  Boy is life gonna change for him!  haha! 
He can say a few words, mama, dada, ball, all done, this, whats that...however... most of the time he chooses not to.  It is a rare day that I will hear him say anything that resembles a word, not to say he doesnt talk.  oh man, this kid is going to be a motor mouth.  Maybe he just enjoys our confused looks when he rattles off a bunch of gibberish for 5 minutes straight.  lol
Oh ya, so back to the topic, I'm 24 weeks, and I feel great.... now.  The first 13 weeks were plain misery.  I couldn't walk down the stairs and get near the kitchen without starting to dry heave.  I'll tell you, it is not fun hating the thought of food for that long.  But now things are good, I'm making up for lost time, and this baby must have a serious sweet tooth!  In my gut, I feel girl, but we'll see.  We're keeping it a suprise.  I am starting to have moments where its driving me crazy, not knowing, but I only have 15-16 weeks left, so I can do it!

The newest venture for me, is I am now part of the Jamberry nail wrap business!  I always swore I'd never even give those things the time of day, but I guess when you love something enough, you cant help but get into it and want to make a little money from it.  I'm doing well, and loving what I do, so its a good thing.  Jamberry nail wraps are nail designs that adhere to your nail with heat, so it creates an air tight and water tight seal.  They dont chip and last forever, so its really fun!  And there are so many fun designs... I just love it!  Some people have had bad experiences and think it doesnt work, I used to be one of them, but those people guaranteed missed a step, or are doing something wrong, like I was.  Trust me, they really work!
Check it out,

 7 days later...

I'm going to be very very very busy these next few months before the baby comes.  I just got back from a trip to California to visit friends.  Its tough cause I don't have a home to stay at so I have to go in spurts of time, and I can never see everyone that I want to see.  =(  but I'm always grateful for the good friends that I do get to see.  Its always a wonderful reminder of what amazing friends I have been given in life.  I truly have been lucky in that department.

While we were in California, Greyson got to ride on the Carousel for the first time ever... he LOVED it, and I cant wait to take him on another one!

The end of May, we are going to the great land up north (Canada).  It'll be my first time, and I'll finally get to see the farm that Rob grew up on!  Greyson can visit with Grandma and Grandpa up there, and see various aunts, uncles, and cousins!  I'm super excited!  I'm even going to be all touristy and wear my Canada Jamberry nails!  lol.

And finishing off with some Easter pics of G, and a cute pic of him with his cousins from Australia... I miss my sister already!!!!  Who wants to buy me a plane ticket to Australia so I can go see her next?!?