Monday, November 26, 2012

Birth Story!

Welcome to the world, Greyson Robert!  Born on October 18, 2012, weighing 7 lbs and 19 inches!  I seriously still cannot believe he's finally here and that he's all mine!  I mean, I guess I gotta share him with his dad too, but they actually let us take him home like it was no big deal!  Here is Greysons birth story!  It's really not too long!

On October 17th, I woke up to my bloody show, which gave me this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, cause I know that means labor is coming soon!  I went to my doctors appt, which I already had scheduled, and he said I was at 2 cm, and my cervix was softening, so he guessed I'd deliver within 5 days.  I went grocery shopping for the week, and went home.  I was feeling tired, so I laid down for a bit, and then got up to start dinner.  I was in the kitchen in front of the stove when I felt a POP-GUSH, and just like that, my water broke.  I was a bit in shock before I sprang into action to avoid having  big puddle in the kitchen to clean up.  My jeans absorbed everything before I was able to jump in the shower and change.  I called my doula but told her I'd wait and see if contractions would start soon before I'd head to the hospital.  Rob said he would be home soon when I called him.  This was 6:30pm.  Within 30 minutes, my contractions started.  Not too bad at first, but after the first 3 contractions, they were 4-5 minutes apart and killing me!

Rob got home, we grabbed my stuff and headed to the hospital.  In L&D they checked and I was at 3cm and they got me a room.  My doula got there and tried to help me breathe through the pain, which helped some, but I was seriously climbing the walls.  I don't even remember anything but blinding pain, which she said was cause there was no more water in there cushioning the blows.  After every contraction, I felt drained, I was soaked in sweat, and could barely move.  And then another would come 2-3 minutes later.  I felt like I was not getting any time to rest in between.  At that point, I asked for an epidural, which actually was able to get in there really fast.  Really, like one contraction later, he was there.  I was at 4 1/2cm at that point.  Hallelujah, praise God, that epidural was amazing.  I could feel when I was having a contraction, but without the pain!  I could feel my toes and move my legs too, so I felt like it was the perfect dosage for me!  No bad side effects, thank goodness.  Labor sped on, before too long I was at an 8cm, and about an hour later 91/2cm.  30 minutes later I was 10cm, they called the Dr, and he said to start pushing and call him when they became productive.  After only a few pushes, they told me to stop cause apparently I was doing really good at pushing.  They called the Dr. again, and he was there 10 minutes later.  I felt calm and collected during everything, I had Rob on one side and my doula on the other.  At 1:29am, Greyson was born!  After only 6 1/2 hours of mostly enjoyable labor.  He came out peeing (all over me, thanks to my humorous doctor) and with a very healthy set of lungs!  Really, he was a loud loud baby according to...well, everyone in the room.  He was born with a full head of dirty blond hair, and if I hadn't been there for everything, I might not have believed he belonged to me!  That kid is all daddy!

I did have a second degree tear, which sucked during the healing, and I did bleed a little more than they liked right after, but all in all, everything was perfect.  And I highly recommend having the "magic hour" right after.  I really felt connected to little Grey during that!  I love my forever family so much!