Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seriously need to update this more!

Ok, so I really should update more!  I think about it a lot, and then it never gets done.  I figure I should do it now while I still have a computer to do it on.

First and foremost... by the end of this week, I will be homeless.  A sad, sad, pregnant, most likely barefoot, homeless girl.  Awww :(  Ok, maybe technically not homeless.  I guess we can let the good news out, Rob got a job in Las Vegas and this Saturday we're moving all our stuff to our new place out there!  (technically I should be packing or resting so I can get up early and resume packing)  Yay!  We get to live in a two bedroom, and I get to be a stay-at-home mommy!  I really feel so blessed!  The homeless part comes in when we are legally out of our apartment (this Saturday) and I get to stay out here until middle of July to finish up work and a bit of the busy season while I can still work!  Then I get to join my hubby in the hot hot desert and finish out the summer and start and end my third trimester in the blistering heat... boo.  If you need me, I'll be in my air conditioned apartment...all the time.  So I say goodbye to beautiful So Cal, which has been my home for all but 5 years of my life, on July 15th =*(

Exciting second trimester news:
1) I got to go to the Ellen Mothers Day show!  It was really amazing, and I love how generous Ellen is!  We seriously got a lot of the big baby stuff I was worried we wouldnt be able to afford for quite some time!  I won a contest, so I not only got VIP seats, but I got to take another new mom, pregnant for the first time!  I feel so humbled and grateful for the experience and opportunity!  Thank you Ellen!!!

2)  It's a boy!  We found out the gender at 19 weeks!  So exciting!  I was going to be thrilled no matter what, but a small part of me wanted a boy first so that he could be the protective big brother for future siblings!  Though, I couldnt tell you it was a boy from looking at the ultrasound...she said "see that there?  It's his boy parts!" and I said "if you say so".  To be honest, what she pointed at looked exactly the same as everything else around the baby, so I'll just take her word for it!

3) The day before the Ellen Show (On May 9th) I felt my very first baby movements!  They were super super light and I had to be lying on my back with my hand on my stomach being very still, and then I felt something.  Gradually over time I started to feel the same thing more often, and stronger, and then I could feel it when I would sit down, and now (almost 21 weeks) I am starting to feel his little movements when I'm standing up!  Its so odd... I can definantly feel his mass move from my left side to my right side, and he definantly favors my left side.  I couldn't tell you what body part is where yet, and he doesn't seem to move more when I eat certain foods... he definantly seems to move more when I sit down though... I get the impression he prefers when I stand up.  Too bad baby boy!  Mamma has gotta rest!

 From around 9 weeks to 15 weeks, my lover-boy, Gatsby, took up this position on my lap...I don't know why it was such a short lived thing... I loved it!

4)  Still feeling great!  I feel a little guilty when some of my friends just feel like crap through their pregnancy.  This really has been a dream pregnancy for me!  Karma says that if I have a great pregnancy, the child will make up for any suffering I missed out just wont work out THAT perfectly for me!  lol.  And now I'm starting to show!  Yay for photo proof!

In other news, we got to go to Reno the beginning of April for my brother-in-law's and my sister-in-laws temple sealing in the Reno temple.  It was beautiful!  And Sean and Tarilyns son, Porter, was just too cute!  He totally stole the show!  It was like a giant family reunion too, so it was a lot of fun!  When Rob left to get back to work, he got to take his sisters private jet back to Cali with their family cause they had an extra seat!  What a spoiled boy he was that day!

At one point, all of us spouses were sitting in a row on the stage while the Winberg clan was goofing around on the basketball court.  That was a fun little picture.  Its hard to believe that the huge group photo is just Howard and Edi, their kids, their kids spouses, and their grandchildren.  We're a big bunch!