Saturday, May 16, 2009


So, I'm supposed to be working on a paper for my Political Science class because the library closes in about an hour. But, I decided that it was giving me a headache, so I'm taking a break!
Quick update on life since I cant really post anything without a computer at home... My big current thing is that I am a team captain for the Relay for Life in Santa Clarita. Its my job to get a team together (sponsored by my job, Promenade Dentistry) and get contributions to help fight cancer, and fund research on cancer. Then on the big day, May 30 at 9am, we start walking. I need team members, cause its a 24 hour walk, and they want at least one representative from a team on the track at all times. Its a track at the local Central Park, so we're not going far! I'm going to have a tent and a table there at the event, and when I'm not walking, I'll have a massage table out to give 10 minute massages, and all the money earned will go to the cause! I'm really so excited! After doing my 10k run, it felt really good to do something for something else. And its so much fun, cause there are a ton of other people out doing the exact same thing, making a party out of it! If you want to help out, please feel free to join my team and help walk for the cause, or feel free to make any kind of donation! They keep telling us that no contribution is too small, but when you try to donate online, you cant make one smaller than $ I thought that was funny...

Other side note, I'm finishing up the semester, and I have fallen in love with my Political Science class. Granted, its just the basics, but my professor says that I really seem to have a grasp on it, and he thinks I'd really enjoy International Relations. They dont offer it next sememster, but I'll be enrolling in that class as soon as its available. I'm seriously thinking about changing my major to Political Science or Social Sciences now! Who knows!